ALA Annual Conference

Hello, world!

My name is Andi and I haven’t blogged in a few years, mostly because I have no confidence in myself (aren’t we all struggling there, though). This past weekend, I attended the American Library Association annual conference in my home of Las Vegas, Nevada. I have never experienced anything like it and I am so grateful to have attended. Along with the insane amount of (free) Advance Reader Copies I received there, I also gained back my inspiration to blog, book review, and generally share my thoughts with the world. Since I have all of these soon-to-be released books on my hands, I figured I would start there with this new blog I have created. I have a fear that no one will really care what I have to say. I understand if you’re one of those people. However, anything I can do to help the authors who have graciously gifted me with their babies (their novels) is fine with me. Welcome and I hope to see you all the time! I will review as many books as humanly possible. I am a nice person, so if a post contains spoilers, I will warn you beforehand, because I absolutely LOATHE when someone spoils a book or movie for me. I won’t do that to you. I am a student teacher come August. So, during the summer my reviews will most likely come once or twice a week. However, when school starts, they may be fewer, so bear with me, please! My next post will be my first book review: Heir of Fire by Sarah J. Maas. All of my fellow nerds have been waiting for this one, so I will try to keep it as spoiler free as possible.


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