REVIEW: The Girl Who Was Supposed to Die by April Henry

I know I haven’t reviewed in awhile. I’m so sorry, if you are following that closely. Sometimes, writing feels like a job I hate. However, this book was CRAZY! So I’m reviewing it. I’m not using my normal format, but I will still bold the points I want to make.

This book was short. At 213 pages, this kind of felt like a novella, but at the same time, so much crazy stuff happened that I feel like I got a full, 300 page novel. Seriously, this was so great. Our protagonist wakes up on a cabin floor after having been tortured and passing out. From there, everything is a guessing game. She doesn’t remember who she is, or why she is almost killed. And the writing. My goodness. I know April Henry has other novels, but this is the first one I’ve read, and I have to say that I was hooked on every word. I’m not hugely into mysteries, but this one had me hanging on. I thought I had everything figured out, then BAM! Out of nowhere some new crazy information would throw me for a loop. I really love when I can’t predict the outcome of a book, and I definitely didn’t predict a thing in this book. I never knew who to trust. As soon as she found someone she trusted, she was thrown for a loop and she had to start all over again. There was also no love triangle! There wasn’t really any lovey-dovey stuff at all, which was pretty great. I recently read a book involving memory loss and I didn’t buy it as much. This memory loss is an actual condition, not something set in a futuristic world.

The big bad guys in this book were super awesome and super believable because stuff like this happens in the real world more than we would probably want to admit. I’ve seen this book all over Twitter for its read-along, but I didn’t really give it much thought. I requested it from the library and got it pretty quickly. From there, I devoured this. Even if it were not a short and brutal story, I would have devoured it anyway.

The only downside I saw in this book were the graphic scenes. Don’t get me wrong. This is not the most graphic violence I have ever read in a novel (I’ve read two Hubert Selby, Jr. novels, so not much freaks me out). However, the guys pull out her fingernails and it is a constant mention. The story takes place over two days, and there are too many mentions of her missing fingernails. Having lost a fingernail once (accidentally) it gave me the chills every time it was mentioned. But, I guess that goes along with the fantastic writing.

I was fully invested in this book and its main character. The supporting sidekick – that’s the best way to describe him – wasn’t glossed over and that made me feel happy. We find out a lot about our protagonist (I neglect to mention her name on purpose – you need to find out on your own). I was connected to everything. I stayed up late tonight so I could finish it because I couldn’t tell you how exciting this was.

Overall: FIVE STARS!!! I loved the mystery and the adventure and the feeling of never knowing. This was so, so great. It’s already out in the world, so clicky clicky on the link to order (or request it from your local library). If you like thrillers, mysteries, and a little bit of a threat of biochemical warfare, this book should tickle your fancy.

Clicky clicky to order!!