Do Not Adjust Your Monitors…

Hello, wonderful followers of mine!

So, I changed my blog address. I’m not trying to lie to you, so here’s what happened: I accidentally plagiarized. Now, as a severe hater of plagiarism (I recently had 4 of my students get themselves caught plagiarizing) I am supremely embarrassed by this. I started this blog in June of last year and it is SO. HARD. to come up with a fun blog name. So, I combined two words that are me, in a nutshell: broke and bookish. However, shortly after making my blog, I discovered the lovely ladies over at The Broke and the Bookish and imagine my embarrassment. However, since I’m just starting out and that blog is insanely popular, I figured that it would be okay. Today, one of the wonderful ladies from TBTB messaged me on Twitter saying when people were trying to find their blog, they accidentally went to mine. Now, I’m all for new visitors, but not when that takes away from another, more established blog that I happen to love. They didn’t even ask me to change it, and they were so wonderfully understanding and great. So, after asking the public forum on WordPress, I finally figured out how to change my URL, so here it is! Now, I am andithebookworm (which also happens to be my Twitter and Instagram handles, if you want to follow me there, too). I’ll still be Just a Broke Bookworm, though! But yes, different address, same weirdness! Thanks for following and I promise I’ll have some reviews coming up soon! Life has been so crazy. Being a new teacher is so stressful and wonderful. Stay tuned for my blog tour for Jodi Meadows’ The Orphan Queen. I’m doing a character reveal for one of my FAVORITE characters with a review publishing on the same day: March 9. I love you all, and thanks for not judging me for my accidental plagiarism!


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