Readers Helping Teachers – Andi’s Story

Kelly is the most wonderful and inspiring person I have ever met. I’m sharing this because it is insanely important, and not only because it is my story.

Live, Love, Read

Readers Helping Teachers

Today marks a very important day in my blogging history to date (although my history really is not that long). Today is my first ever feature of Readers Helping Teachers. This feature is designed to promote teachers, librarians, assistants, and other people who are trying to help make their communities a better place for the next generation. In today’s economy, many schools are struggling to buy books for their students, including regular English class classic novels. There are even some schools that don’t have libraries for students to sit and work, research papers, use computers, and print necessary materials. Many public libraries are being shut down or are forced to cut back on their book intake. We are all struggling in some way or another and the generation that is paying for it are the children who are growing up now without easy access to necessary…

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