Nerd Vacation Day 1: Once Upon a Storybook

So, if you follow me on Twitter, you know that I am on vacation! This is my first real vacation. By real vacation, I mean I don’t have to take any time off of work or worry about not getting paid for the days I’m gone. I just got my teaching position, so not only does spring break mean REAL time off, but it also means I am getting paid! Score. On this trip, my best friend and I decided we want to go to some interesting book stores. We arrived in Anaheim around 2:30 this afternoon. We are staying at the Ayres Hotel, which is always gorgeous and accommodating and let’s not get carried away, you’re here for the books! With the limited time we’ve been here today, we didn’t know if we were going to go anywhere (other than the Anaheim Ducks Team Store, because that’s a huge reason we’re here. Go Ducks!). While we were hanging out in our hotel room, we looked on Yelp to find some bookstores pretty close to us. Upon researching, we found the Once Upon a Storybook indie bookstore in Orange. We called the shop to see if they had any YA titles and we found out that they are downsizing their YA from 3 shelves to one, so ALL OF THEIR YA TITLES WERE 25% OFF!! Of course we had to go! So, without further ado, here is my experience there.

Storybook 5This is the outside of the store. First of all…HOW STINKING ADORABLE IS THIS?! All the shops in this shopping center (off of 17th and the 55 freeway) have storefronts like this. Nowhere in Las Vegas do we have anything this adorable, seriously. I was caught immediately. The weather was beautiful and I was immediately smitten with the whimsy of this storefront. Remember, this is primarily a children’s book store. It’s the perfect ambiance. The signs out front show that they have regular readings for younger readers (the sign today offered a pre-school level story time). TOO CUTE.

Storybook 4Of course, no whimsy would be complete without a sign pointing you to your favorite fantasy world. This made me so excited walking in. Screw Disneyland, this is my happiest place on earth!

Storybook 3We asked the owner, a wonderfully pleasant and knowledgeable woman named Susie, what was upstairs. Her answer was completely unexpected. This is a picture of their upstairs room, in which she holds BIRTHDAY PARTIES AND CRAFT PARTIES!!! Along with the cute little reading nooks they have downstairs, upstairs is packed with craft supplies, long tables, and chairs for super fun birthday parties for younger kids. I didn’t ask what kind of crafts they make, but can’t we all assume they’ll be absolutely adorable?

Storybook 2Speaking of whimsy and adorable, I stumbled upon this while I was coming down the stairs from the craft room. IT’S. A. FAIRY. DOOR. You have to love a store that pays so much attention to detail, especially for its specific clientele of younger readers. Can’t you imagine being a little girl (which I once was), obsessed with fantasy worlds (which I still am), and stumbling upon this magical little fairy door? I was so smitten with this little door and the general ambiance of this whole cute, welcoming store, I almost didn’t know what to do with myself. I’m sure I scared people walking by with my many exclamations of, “HOW CUTE IS THIS?!”

Storybook 1And, finally, my purchases. At 25% off, I really can’t be mad at myself for this. Susie was so wonderful. She welcomed us as we came in as, “the YA ladies,” since that’s what we asked about when we called. She let me paw through every single box of YA novels she had already cleaned off her shelves. It was seriously like a treasure hunt. I found so many obscure books that I usually can’t find in Barnes & Noble (since we only have B&N in Vegas – we don’t have any indies. The only indies we have are Christian bookstores). I had to end up letting some things go since I had SO MUCH. Susie is also wonderful enough to offer an educator discount of 20% every day. If you’re ever in Orange, CA, I definitely recommend visiting this adorable bookstore, especially if you have some younger readers in your life. This place was an experience in magic, whimsy, and fantasy and I am so happy we stumbled upon this place!

Click the link below to visit their website!

Once Upon A Storybook

17300 East 17th St. #C

Tustin, CA 92780


4 thoughts on “Nerd Vacation Day 1: Once Upon a Storybook

  1. Susie Alexander says:

    Thank you so much for your thoughtful review of Once Upon a Storybook! It’s MY “happiest place on Earth,” as well! I hope you take another SoCal vacation soon and revisit us. I’ll always remember “the YA ladies”!

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