Nerd Vacation Day 2: The Last Bookstore

Today on our nerd adventure, we traveled through an hour and a half of traffic (each way) to go to The Last Bookstore in L.A. The website boasts about its many offerings of literary goodness and its back room of 100,000 books for A DOLLAR EACH! We were so in for this one. LBS1This was so promising! Even though we spent forever in traffic, I was so excited when we walked up to this store. I had heard so much hype about it and I was too excited to hopefully find some awesome first editions or rare editions of some of my favorite books! However, upon walking inside, I was overwhelmed – but not in a good way.

LBS2To the store’s credit, they have some pretty sweet art installations. This one is on the second floor as you’re coming up the stairs. In order to come up the stairs, you have to leave your books you’ve collected downstairs with an attendant to prevent theft. Honestly, it’s a great system. However, when I was trying to leave my book with the man at the desk in order to go upstairs, he glanced at me, rolled his eyes, and yelled, “CAN SOMEONE COME OVER HERE?!” I’m so sorry that I am a consumer in your store trying to follow your rules! Screw me, right?!

LBS3This is a picture of their “book labyrinth.” This was less of a labyrinth and more of an underwhelming hodge podge of bookshelves. The organization in this room was a LITTLE better than that of their one dollar book section, but it wasn’t as spectacularly engrossing as one would think when hearing the term “labyrinth.”

LBS4Within this labyrinth is this awesome room full of true crime, detective, and horror books. (Spoiler alert: this was also super underwhelming). Also, this wasn’t actually a labyrinth because I didn’t get lost, and I don’t have the greatest sense of direction. If you’re going to threaten me with a book labyrinth, you’d better deliver, because I want to be lost in some books. Did I get lost? NO. I DIDN’T. Beyond this “maze” was their one dollar book selection. If this would have been organized (other than the six shelves they had color coded – not even by genre or author or anything) I probably would have found this to be totally AWESOME. However, since there was no organization, I felt a panic attack coming on. I don’t usually get panic attacks. I probably would have found and purchased a ton of books if there were any organization. In fact, I had two books I had intended to buy, but I didn’t want to give this book store a cent of my money. From the customer service (AKA the rude hipsters who work at this stupid store), their lack of central air conditioning (IT WAS SO HOT), and their lack of organization, I am really upset that I spent my day trying to get to this store just to be let down. I’d give it one star on a five star scale. If you’d like, visit their link below if you’d like to visit, but I wouldn’t recommend it.

The Last Bookstore

453 S. Spring St.

Los Angeles, CA 90013


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